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Side view of a bright fuchsia cocktail in a clear coup glass

Icewine Cosmo

January 15, 2023

Canada's coolest wine mixes with 90's glam

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An overview picture of a white bowl with tomato sauce and eight, white, round gnudi dumplings flecked with green spinach. to the side is a baking sheet with a lemon and hunk of parmesan cheese with a microplane.

Lemony Spinach-Ricotta Gnudi in Tomato Basil-Sauce

January 12, 2023

Easy, make-ahead, and mind-blowingly delicious. 

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row of net-covered wine vines in winter, snow on the ground

It's Time for Icewine

January 9, 2023

Wine as cool as ice. 

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Top view of 6 bright red cocktails in coups with a dehydrated lemon wheel floating on top

The Virgin Guide

January 5, 2023

Sophisticated, non-alcoholic cocktails that are just as good as the real thing.

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6 red wine glasses clinking in the centre frame, a woman's face soft-focus in the background, unidentified men and women surrounding her

How to Host a Wine Tasting at Home

January 3, 2023

Learn about wine at home. PJ's optional. 

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A white bowl of chickpeas with thyme scatter overtop. A brown napkin is beside the bowl.

The Creamiest, Tastiest Chickpeas

January 2, 2023

This is the best way to make ultra delicious legumes. 

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A bottle of champagne pouring into the tops of several flutes

What’s the Difference Between Champagne and Sparkling Wine?

December 28, 2022

The quick sip on Champagne, Cava, Prosecco and more.

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An overhead view of creamy potto soup in a white bowl, garnished with crisp brussles sprout leaves and pancetta. It sits on a black board and beside the bowl is a shiny silver spoon on a red paisley linen napkin.

Creamy Celeriac and Potato Soup

December 26, 2022

Leftover holiday mash gets a makeover in this deeply delicious soup. 

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On a table with a white table cloth is a tall flute of French 75 with a lemon twist; in the background is an out-of-focus sparkling wine bottle and brandy bottle. A brick wall and christmas tree are behind the table.

How to Make a French 75

December 24, 2022

A classic cocktail that has become the epitome of style.


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Blurry image of a man's face drinking wine and laughing in the background with a woman's hand holding a glass of white wine in the foreground

Four Rules to Having Friends for Dinner – and Enjoying Yourself

December 22, 2022

Stress less. Enjoy more. 

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A man, from the waist down wearing a white shirt and navy and white striped cooking apron, pouring red wine into a pan

How to Cook with Wine

December 19, 2022

Almost everything is made better with a little splash.

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an over head view of a white bowl with a swirl of celeriac mash topped with gravy and sliced onions. A beige napkin is beside the bowl

How to Make Celeriac Mash

December 14, 2022

The creamiest, dreamiest side you will ever make. Seriously.

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Image of two red wine glasses, a bottle of wine and a bowl of festive pinecones sitting on a wood dining table with an unlit fireplace and three red stockings in the background

Wines for Any Holiday Feast

December 12, 2022

Eight seasonal reds and whites for any Christmas dinner. 

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8 glasses filled with rose clinking together, with blurred smiling faces in the background

How to Throw a Party on a Budget

December 10, 2022

No budget? No problem. Use our tips and tricks for stylish party planning on a dime. 


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A white plate with a pile of pink shrimp and a small white bowl of lemon aioli

Poached Shrimp with Easy Lemon Aioli

December 9, 2022

Give stylish spin to the ubiquitous shrimp cocktail ring.

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A golden roast chicken on a white platter surrounded by herbs and lemon

Perfect Roast Chicken, Every Time

December 8, 2022

Classic, delicious and oh-so easy.

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A close up of the neck of a champagne bottle pouring into the top of a champagne flute

10 Sparkling Wine Terms You Need to Know

December 7, 2022

’Tis the season and all that.

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Purple braised cabbage in a white bowl against a white background

Our Mom's Braised Red Cabbage

November 30, 2022

This is the one dish that makes it onto of our holiday tables. 

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Two slices of baguette smeared with white ricotta and drizzled with truffle honey sitting on a wooden board. A bread knife and loaf are beside it.

How to Make Whipped Ricotta

November 27, 2022

It's so easy. 

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A christmas table set with wine glasses, red napkins and berries with a christmas tree in the background

The 7-Day Plan That Will Keep You Sane When Hosting Christmas Dinner

November 25, 2022

Follow this plan to ensure this is truly the most wonderful time of the year. 

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Softly lit room with a crowd of people gatehred around the table all toasting glasses of wine

8 Simple Ways to Impress Your Dinner Party Guests

November 24, 2022

Your friends will be fighting for invites.


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close up of a man's hand pouring drinks from a metal shaker into 4 rocks glasses, with the sun in the background

5 Reasons Why You Need a Signature Cocktail

November 21, 2022

It sets the tone for a festive evening, for starters. 

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close up of a wide, glass decanter sitting on a table with red wine pouring into it

The 5’s to Decanting Wine

November 19, 2022

All you need to know about when, why, and how to decant wine. 

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4 red and white wine glasses clinking together over a dinner table with blurred dishes of food in the background

3 No-Fail Wine Pairings, No Matter What’s Being Served

November 17, 2022

Low tannin, low alcohol and high acidity are your friends.

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Hear From Real People!

Thank you very much for the amazing wine tasting. We all had the most wonderful time. The wines were excellent and your presentation was very entertaining and informative.
Thank you very, very, very much for the outstanding planning and support you gave in making this event an absolute success. People were just having a fantastic time and the set-up and style were absolutely brilliant. I think we got what we exactly wanted. I will reach out again!
Bravo! You were awesome and I loved the presentation, explanation and selection of wines! I just had to reach out and thank you for a wonderful evening. You two are fabulous – great energy and you really like what you do.  You make tasting wine fun!
You were such an awesome host and I appreciate all of the work you put into it. Thank you so much again!
I’m really pleased with how the event went. Everyone feels really happy with your incredible hosting skills and experience. We all DEFINITELY want to use The Wine Sisters again! Thank you so much!!
Wow, Emily was absolutely fantastic! She was patient, explained the wines well, and was a delight to work with.

Thank you so much for everything I will definitely use your services again.
Our guests had a great evening and Erin made sure that everyone (even non-drinkers) enjoyed themselves! Thanks for making the bridal shower so memorable!
The unique programs and the tour we did with you was a huge success. Guests really enjoyed the afternoon!
Everybody had a ton of fun and we very much see this structure as a template we can use with clients and friends in the future.
I wanted to thank you SO much for your tutored wine tasting! It was so much fun. You were both informative and hilarious! Each person said they would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to do a wine tasting!

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