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close up of a wide, glass decanter sitting on a table with red wine pouring into it

The 5’s to Decanting Wine

November 19, 2022

All you need to know about when, why, and how to decant wine. 

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4 red and white wine glasses clinking together over a dinner table with blurred dishes of food in the background

3 No-Fail Wine Pairings, No Matter What’s Being Served

November 17, 2022

Low tannin, low alcohol and high acidity are your friends.

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Bottle of amarone with a glass and a plate of cheese

12 Italian Terms Wine Lovers Need to Know

November 3, 2022

Because we could all use a little help learning the language of love. 

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Back of a blonde woman scratching her head in confusion while looking at a wall of wine

How to Save Money on Wine

October 28, 2022

Use these five simple and smart sommelier tips to save money at the wine store.

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image of steak tartare with egg yolk on top and crostini on the side with french fries and wine beside it

How to Make Classic Steak Tartare (and What Wine Goes Best)

October 23, 2022

We tried three wines (all for research, of course) to see what wine is the best pairing with this French bistro favourite. 

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A picture of rows of vines sloping downhill at sunrise, mist in the valley below.

Quick Sip: The Basics Between Bordeaux and Burgundy

October 21, 2022

Our primer to understanding these famous French wine regions – fast. 

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Image of wine cellar with both large and small barrels

The 4 Things You Need To Do to Successfully Store Wine at Home

October 15, 2022

Use these four simple tips to sucessfully store your wine collection for the long term.

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Wine bottle wrapped in twine with a gift tag

How to Pick the Right Wine for A Hostess Gift

October 2, 2022

Our best tips for picking a great bottle every time.

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Image of roast potatoes and butternut squash soup on a table

How to Pair Wine with Fall Root Vegetables

September 26, 2022

Autumn is in the air – and on the table. Here's how to make the most of your fall food and wine pairings. 

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4 glasses clinking above a roast turkey and table set for the holidays

5 Thanksgiving Wine Strategies

September 10, 2022

Rule #1 – never run out.

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close up of waiter's hands opening a bottle of wine

Why You Need a House Wine

September 5, 2022

Follow your favourite restaurant's lead to save time, money, and stress.

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Grilled Halloumi and Peaches with Honey-Thyme Syrup from overhead view

Grilled Halloumi and Peaches with Honey-Thyme Syrup

August 24, 2022

Take advantage of in-season peaches with this elegant appetizer. 

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close up of wine glasses, blurry, smiling faces in background

How to Drink Wine Like a Pro

February 21, 2022

You asked, we answered. Here are the Sommelier responses to your Top 10 questions about wine.

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Red wine glasses clinking

Do You Know These Bizarre Wine Terms?

September 8, 2020

From bung holes to punts, we translate wine's most mysterious words for you. 

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Glass of red wine and pizza

Great Wines for Pizza Night

August 8, 2020

The secret to pizza pairing success lies in the toppings 

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Wine and chocolate on wooden table

How to Pair Wine and Junk Food

April 4, 2020

Your “book club” meeting will never be the same

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Hear From Real People!

Our guests had a great evening and Erin made sure that everyone (even non-drinkers) enjoyed themselves! Thanks for making the bridal shower so memorable!
The unique programs and the tour we did with you was a huge success. Guests really enjoyed the afternoon!
Everything was perfect and very personalized! We still talk about experience and how nice it was. Definitely memories our family will treasure forever.
I had the pleasure of attending the Oceania Cruise event where you conducted a wine pairing. I have to say that your wine and food pairing made a typically ho hum travel information night, spectacular! I have never done a wine pairing. I was amazed at how food interacted with the wines.
Thank you very much for the amazing wine tasting. We all had the most wonderful time. The wines were excellent and your presentation was very entertaining and informative.
Bravo! You were awesome and I loved the presentation, explanation and selection of wines! I just had to reach out and thank you for a wonderful evening. You two are fabulous – great energy and you really like what you do.  You make tasting wine fun!
Wow, Emily was absolutely fantastic! She was patient, explained the wines well, and was a delight to work with.

Thank you so much for everything I will definitely use your services again.
Thank you very, very, very much for the outstanding planning and support you gave in making this event an absolute success. People were just having a fantastic time and the set-up and style were absolutely brilliant. I think we got what we exactly wanted. I will reach out again!
The Wine Sisters are professional and flexible to attend to client needs. They’re able to provide 'one stop shop for events.
Everybody had a ton of fun and we very much see this structure as a template we can use with clients and friends in the future.

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