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Wine Education & Hospitality Training

Our wine workshops are designed for professionals who are big on wine, but short on time.  

Get the wine basics you need to feel confident ordering wine at a restaurant, buying wine at a store, and pairing wine with food. These fun and informative sessions give wine lovers the tools to navigate any social event with grace and style.

Perfect for team builds and staff retreats, these labs are tailored to the professional who is tasked with entertaining clients and colleagues, and needs to feel confident in ordering, tasting and pairing wine.

Our Tuesday night Wine School is open to all wine enthusiasts, with single class tickets and monthly passes available. We also proudly offer private full day, half day and two hour classes available by appoinment. 

Running October 1, 8, 22 and 29 (note we're taking the Tuesday the 15th off as we will likely still not be able to do up our pants from Thanksgiving, and we like to maintain an air of class), and our October series includes our most-requested sessions on how to taste and pair wine – with a newly minted comparison workshop on understanding Wine Styles!

Tuesday evenings, 6p - 8p, Vantage Venues, 150 King W. 

Presented in partnership with our sister company Drink Toronto, classes are designed and presented by Erin Henderson, founding sommelier of The Wine Sisters and Drink Toronto. 

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Tuesday, October 1 – Learn to Taste

Learn to taste like pro!
In this fun and interactive two-hour workshop, you will learn the basics of how to taste, appreciate and assess wine. Tasting through four wines, you will begin to understand common terminology and descriptors. 


Tuesday, October 8 – Wine Styles Defined

A comparison tasting of eight red and white wines, this class is a great introduction to the differences between wine styles, from dry to sweet, light bodied to full.  


Tuesday, October 22 – Sparkling Wine Exploration

Everyone knows Champagne is the king of sparkling wine, but what is the difference between Champers and Prosecco? And what are you really drinking whilst sipping Cava against the crescendoes of Beethoven's Fifth? (Or Metallica — don't worry we can keep a secret.) We answer these bubbling questions and more in this two-hour workshop as you taste and compare four famous fizzes from around the world.


Tuesday, October 29 – The Principals of Food & Wine Pairing

Red wine goes with red meat and white wine goes with white meat, right? Yes... and no. In this fun (and delicious!) two-hour workshop, we examine the “rules” behind pairing wine with food — and how to break them. You will understand the subtle nuances of making a food-and-wine pairing come alive, and the surprising truth about how to pair any wine with any food.


October Bundle 

Want it all? Get an October bundle and save $25!


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Wine Education & Hospitality Training

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